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  • Wandboy63

    Star Wars

    December 22, 2016 by Wandboy63

    Did anyone see Rogue One? I saw it. It was great, amazing, magnificent, et cetera, et cetera. All the characters were unique, and well characterized. If I was a critic, I would rate this film a 97% out of 100%. It was an amazing movie. I hope everyone can go see it! 

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  • Wandboy63

    Harry Potter

    July 30, 2016 by Wandboy63

    Harry Potter is an amazing movie series. Don't forget the book series. It is just so creative with its spells, and characters. In the books and movies, there is ALOT of action pack in it. It is a great thing people should love. J.K Rowling is a genius!

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  • Wandboy63

    Sup. Have you heard about the new assassin's creed movie coming out? It looks awesome. I really want to go see it. It looks like it's one of the movies that has loads of action in it. If I could rate the trailer 1-10, I think it would be a 10!

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  • Wandboy63

    What up. Right now I'm planning a Star Trek movie marathon. 1-12. I can guarantee that it is going to be great! I already watched Beyond. It was OUTSTANDING. Simon Pegg made an accurate Scottie. He is my favorite character. 

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