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I think there should be a wikia made after the great Andre Meadows a.k.a. Black Nerd Comedy. [1] [2] [3] 

He is a nerdy black man who does rants, vlogs, 80's/90's retro stuff, reviews, and more.

He is a big fan of the Smurfs and he has a show called "Awkward Talks with Girls" where he has "awkward talks with beautiful women" (a direct quote from the show) and a running gag is that he always asks the girl does she want a foot rub.

His birthday is October 25, he birthyear was around 1978-1980 according to this video where he talks about he never saw star wars -› [4] starting at 0:24 and ending at 0:34.

This guy is awesome, he's hilarious, check him out. 

I do know that we might need his permission to make his wikia, so here's his contact information to ask him is it ok for us to make a wikia after him:

Email adress:

Facebook: [5]

Twitter: [6]

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