BrambleClaw was excited to be recieving his 9 lives,but he was also angry, and shocked that his clan leader, firestar, had been murdered right before his eyes just a few days ago. BrambleClaw had chosen LionBlaze to watch over camp while he traveled to the moonpool with Cloudtail to recieve his 9 lives from StarClan. The next morning, BrambleClaw arose from the leaders den, he jumped onto the highrock and spoke "all cats old enough to hunt for themselves, please gather around for a clan meeting". As all the cats gathered around for the meeting, BrambleClaw thiught to himself, "why did firestar choose me ".Everyone had finally gathered around the highrock, and BrambleClaw started to make his announcements. He said " As you all know, i will be leaving before dusk to recieve my nine lives. LioBlaze, you are to watch over camp and organize patrols for the next few days while i travel to rhw moonpool. Clan dissmissed". As BrambleClaw readied to travel to the moonpool, he kept replaying firestars words through his mind." BrambleClaw is the new deputy of thunderclan".BrambleClaw raced through the grose tunnel as Cloudtail quickly followed behind him.finally, they had reached the moonpool just before sundown. Cloudtail said to BrambleClaw " are you ready to recieve your 9 lives". BrambleClaw nodded to cloudtail as he took a sip from the moonpool and quickly fell asleep.

Once he was in his dream, he saw a familiar place. Fourtrees! he thought. Then he saw 9 familiar faces appear, they were from StarClan. The first cat was FireStar!BrambleClaw tried to talk, but firestar had already started to speak. FireStar said " hello BrambleClaw, my aprrentice, my deputy, now, my leader. With this life, i give you guidance, use it to guide your clan,even in tough times. BrambleClaw tried to speak again to firestar, but he had already stepped back with the other cats. The next cat was snow kit. He walked up and touched noses with BrambleClaw. He said" with this life, i give you hope, use it to turn your downs, into ups! Then the tiny white kit stepped vack with the other cats. Next, it was his mother, goldenflower. She said" hello son, with this life, i give you care. Use it well to care for yoir clan, like a mother would care for her kits. Goldenflower touched noses with BrambleClaw, then took a step back with the other cats.This time, 2 little kits stepped up, and touched noses with BrambleClaw. They said" with this life, i give you courage.Use it to tell yourself that everyday, yoy can achieve Anything. The 2 kits had already stepped back.Next up , was his half-sister, mousefur, that been killed by TigerStar. She touched noses with BrambleClaw, then said" with this life, i give you tireless energy, use it to keep running, even if you feel like giving up". Mousefur stepped back then he was greeted by Bluestar, the ThunderClan leader before firestar. She said" with this life, i give you leadership, use it to lead your clan through anything that comes its way. I know grant you by your new name, BrambleStar". All the starclan cats chanted his new name. "BrambleStar! Bramblestar!". Then suddenly, he woke up. He said to himself," i can do this, im BrambleStar".

The end