• Weaponx419


    January 15, 2017 by Weaponx419

    Old Man Logan #16 did not dissapoint. With Jeff Lemire writing and Andrea Sorrentino returning to pencils. These two make a powerhouse creative force. In my opinion, Old Man Logan is one of the best current publications Marvel has to offer. Lemire is continuing to add to the mythos of OML that Mark Millar created a few years back. Sorrentinos art style is gritty, stylistic with a hint of realism. From sweeping vistas to heavy action pieces, Sorrentino captures it all, down to the subtle nuances if emotional expression during dialog exchanges. If you havnt been reading OML or comics in general and are interested. I reccomend picking up #16. In this issue we start on a new story arc where Logan is in space, he confronts an old enemy, and we …

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