Hello everyone. I'm an admin on The Looney Tunes Show Wiki and decided to make a blog here so more people can check it out and come there. It's currently pretty small and sometimes deserted, but has a lot of high quality images ready to be added to pages and tons of content for character pages. It'll be real helpful if you join the Wiki and start editing. XoTulleMorXo is the head of the Wiki currently and if you make at least 100-250 edits there, you'll probably be promoted to rollback. It's pretty easy to make edits currently there, as there's lots of things that need to be done, such as adding more to character summaries, adding more images to pages, fixing grammar, adding quotes to character and episode pages, adding a plot section for episodes and finally improving stubs. The link to the Wiki is here. It'll be really helpful if you helped and I'll thank you for doing so! If you have any suggestions, ideas or opinions about the Wiki, leave a comment.