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I'm going to miss my wikia

But I don't really have a choice in the matter I have been unfairly persecuted on this website and this is seriously a toxic environment. As long as I stay here I will have to endure harassment and racial slurs and I deserve better than that. Can I just let it be known ? I was harassed for 3 months and repeatedly asked for help but none of the staff would reach out to help me. It was only when I called one of my harassers ugly that suddenly the staff cared about my plight. My two friends who were also harassed were deleted and it looks like like I will too. Not that anyone cares, because this is a hateful and bigoted website that fosters bullying and gleefully marginalised young and vulnerable people like me. 

Thankfully, I have a safety net in the sense that not only am I cute with a popular blog but I have other more interesting hobbies :) Because of this, I wont start screaming and throwing tantrums, I acknowlage that I will never have justice and peace on this no good mediocre site. Before I am deleted, please take the time to read my farewell letter I would appreciate it :) Yes, I seem angry but I dont care thats just how I often talk and if some weak greasy haired ugly muppet lover can't understand that then its her won fault for wasting her time drooling over puppets instead of developing a backbone. 

So, Goodbye everyone. Goodbye Glasslip wiki you were the wiki that started it!! Those were the good old days. Goodbye abby you weeb and imterry and nanoshinki and the 8 anons who harassed me !!!! Goodbye RocketManWikia, you were a diamond amongth the poop piles here. A true hero :). I will remember you fondly, and hey! I might as well make a new account just to talk to rocketman again, who knows? Love is love :) Goodbye amaburi I will not miss you but I will miss The Rolling Girls wikia :'(. What will it be like without the admin?? Lol, who cares??? I am ready to leave, I have no regrets. I have said all that needs to be said. All there is is to wait for that Wendy to be petty and delete me- or maybe one of her loser friends will do it ?? Who knows?? Who cares??!?? I dont!!! 

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