To any and all Japanese-knowledgeable Wiki editors (ie, those who are fluent in writing and/or speaking Japanese):

As you might already be aware, September 30 is the deadline to get DLC for the PSP version of Peace Walker. I managed to take photographs for this wiki the PSN descriptions of Japanese-exclusive DLC (and in one set's case, the Japanese version of a DLC). I need any wiki editors with a firm grasp on the Japanese language to translate the following descriptions (and for the record, the foreground text is the one that needs translating):

See here for the gallery of images]]

The first five are from the AI Human Voice DLC (yes, I know that's also in the English version, but since the VA is obviously different between the two versions of each, I wanted to cover all the bases in this case), the next seven are from the UB shirts from Arakawa Under the Bridge, the next eight cover the Monster Hunter shirts (they are eight instead of four because the descriptions were long enough to warrant two separate photos for each description), the next six (again, only three items, but the descriptions were long enough to necessitate more than one) deal with Arakawa Under the Bridge Volumes 8, 6, and the July 2010 issue of SF Magazine, and the final eight dealt with the four dialect AI voices.

If available, please try to do a translation for each of the descriptions so we can fully implement them onto the site. Don't worry, I won't have you translate the Camo DLCs or the Walkman DLCs in the Japanese version, as they are for both versions. This is only for DLC that is either Japanese exclusive or otherwise has at least one difference that, in both versions or not, it necessitates a translation regardless.

I'll try to put this blog on the Wikia Community when I have time for expanded coverage.

Weedle McHairybug (talk) 11:10, September 5, 2013 (UTC)