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Westside JDM

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May 19, 2012
  • I live in The USSA
  • My occupation is Writing
  • I am A badass, much like the MiG-29
  • Westside JDM

    Ok I founded a wiki called the Burnout Revenge wiki if you play Burnout revenge come and help but come soon enough and you can be promoted to Bureaucrat or Admin but this is for a limited time only! please contribute to my wiki

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  • Westside JDM

    I founded a wiki

    June 25, 2012 by Westside JDM

    Hello everyone I'm back and I got some good news I founded a wiki called the Burnout Revenge wiki if any one plays burnout revenge please help me with the wiki ok

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  • Westside JDM

    Hi I'd like to tell you all how I started out on Wikia so i started out on the MotorStorm Wiki and I was just a guy who started out with editing the playground and then until Dunewolfz had angered me because he deleted two articles i made V4ND4L1Z3D his profile for revenge and then he blocked me for the week so I contributed to other wikis and made a backup account but that was blocked too so I just contributed for other content wikis such as the Brikipedia or the Burnopedia and so on

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  • Westside JDM

    Here are some facts about me

    1. I'm part French

    2. I'm going to France in 2 weeks

    3. I easily get angered

    4. I might quit this wiki

    5. I'm Ranked #3 on the MotorStorm Wiki

    6.I started off on the MotorStorm wiki

    7. I got blocked on the MotorStorm wiki

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  • Westside JDM

    Hey everyone just to tell you Im about to quit this wiki because not everyone is nice to me and I don't know what to talk about because this wiki is all about being uptight and stuff so please DO NOT TYPE RUDE COMMENTS BECAUSE IF YOU DO I WILL BE VERY MAD

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