The contest blog you made, why even bother??? The wikis are leaving, angry, and users are gone, yet you want us to choose the best wiki??? I already said this, but you deletyed my comment so I'll put it in my own blog so it doesn't seem like spam:

I choose none of them. There's just no point for the following reasons:

  • This year, my wiki worked to improve it's look, but Oasis destroyed all that work.
  • Alot of friendly, new users arrived, but with the new skin they're leaving and the ones that stayed are blaming each other because of the stress.
  • Fun activities like roleplaying exploded, but with awful editing roleplays are at a halt and no one's editing at all.
  • We'd love to have more advertising, but we'll be moved soon, so what's the point.

Seriously Wikia, why make a contest that's so meaningless???