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To the Admins,

Last year I was a contributor to the VenturianTale Wiki. Early on, I wrote a comment on said wiki (and it only looks bad because of I either misread something or forgot to add a particular word to the sentence) that was not well received by a certain user, Sierra A719, and he’s never let me forget it, just because of one mistake. Since then I tried my best to avoid the above user. At some point later, just after I changed some of my details on another wiki, for reasons that are still not clear to me to this day, I discovered that Sierra A719 had blocked my user for either 1000 years (by which time I will very probably be long dead) or until the year 9999 (even more so). I thought this was a bit harsh, so I confronted him on it, and he deleted the comment. And he would do this every time I tried to add something, even the tiniest thing to the wiki, even going so far as blocking my IP address. I mean, I’m on a network, and I’m not the only one who uses that IP address, so that’s not fair on them, if they wanted to add anything.

At this point, I consider this abuse of the highest level. Could somebody please do something, tell me what to do or ANYTHING because this is getting beyond a joke and I can’t take this anymore. I never intended to make any libellous or inappropriate comments, if I did I would like to apologise fully for them, but really, I don’t think anyone deserves this amount of punishment.

Yours faithfully,


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