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  • WikiMan

    Hi, I'm WikiMan with the first entry of The Orange Megaphone, where I speak my mind regarding what happens in the Wikia universe.

    There's this thing that annoys me a bit, which is people saying false things and try to pass them as something real, like when Miley Cyrus' fans say she wrote Wrecking Ball herself, when in reality she didn't write that song at all (more over, Wrecking Ball was originally composed with Beyonce (as opposed to Miley) in mind, but ultimately was offered to Miley. The same happens when people with autism (sorry people with autism, but that's somewhat true) try to pass false information about movies and stuff as true. Not only they do that, they do it very, very poorly - they make horrid fake films, "crossovers", tv "sh…

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  • WikiMan

    Hello. WikiMan here.

    I'm writing this blog about a very very recent event that just happened: Sannse just blocked me on the Idea Wiki.

    What is the IW: where basically where "Ideas can change the world". Sadly there are no admins there, resulting in no regulation (other than the staff) and the subsequent sprouting of low-quality fanfiction, angering more than one on the internet. They claim that their "precious creations" will also be real (a bigger issue, in my point instead).

    By Sannse blocking me from the IW (should be 6 months instead of 1 year), I was a simple victim of censorship. Sannse prevented me from further shaping the Idea Wiki into an actually decent, yet family oriented place for ideas.

    While this was just starting to change (no o…

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  • WikiMan

    Immaturity at Wikia

    February 24, 2013 by WikiMan

    Hello. My name is WikiMan. (also written as Wikiman or wikiman).

    I'm writing my first post in Community Central to discuss an issue that's bothering some of you.
    I'm gonna talk about Immaturity at Wikia and how it affects the Wikipedia-inspired wiki farm.

    Let me start with this first. This post made by user ErixeyaOfficial inspired me to write this post. Let me tell you why it did so.

    As you can read there, the user in question states that he was arguing with what he deems "immature children". Aside loosing his wiki, he lost to these children. What really brought my attention is that the Wikia staff gave reason to those "immature children", even if Erixeya defended his arguments and deemed himself as a proper user.

    For those who read the comments s…

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