Hello. My name is WikiMan. (also written as Wikiman or wikiman).

I'm writing my first post in Community Central to discuss an issue that's bothering some of you.
I'm gonna talk about Immaturity at Wikia and how it affects the Wikipedia-inspired wiki farm.

Let me start with this first. This post made by user ErixeyaOfficial inspired me to write this post. Let me tell you why it did so.

As you can read there, the user in question states that he was arguing with what he deems "immature children". Aside loosing his wiki, he lost to these children. What really brought my attention is that the Wikia staff gave reason to those "immature children", even if Erixeya defended his arguments and deemed himself as a proper user.

For those who read the comments section, you can see that I left a comment to support him, telling him to "start fighting back". I know he was right in my opinion, so it should be no surprise if I say that I reason with him.

Happens to know that the fact of Wikia giving reason to immature users is not right, nor just, nor even, neither acceptable.

On a broader scope: if you notice, there's quite an amount of immature users running around Wikia. You can also see that there's a considerable level of immaturity that keeps affecting Wikia.

Let me start with this. There is this Idea Wiki. Long story short: I was trying to create a decent wiki out of it, facing opposition by these users, eventually leading to a quasi-ban.

This not only happens there: 'it happens all across Wikia, and that is a bigger problem. Several immature and pointless are polluting Wikia each time.

No meant to hurt anyone, but that happens to be the truth.

I'm OK if a little kid goes and edits a proper article or a proper wiki. But you understand me right now. Those users need to grow up or else all their "effort" will be in vain.

And I've got something for the Staff: don't cry to me and don't even try to tell me to make my wiki if I don't like how that wiki is run. You must know, remember and accept that, in the eyes of the mayority of wikians, these wikis are no good for this wiki farm. They aren't run properly, but they must.

In summary:

  • ErixeyaOfficial loses against little kids in an unfair argument.
  • Why should the Wikia staff favour immature users over proper and/or veteran editors? How is that fair?
  • There are low-end, immature wikis and wikians ruining an otherwise incredible source of knowledge.

Before ending this post: make sure to make this a global disscusion that every wikian should have access to. That's because it must be a global topic and therefore it must be a topic of global interest. I'm not allowing the staff to delete this post nor to block it because of what I've said previously. Thank you.

Be sure to tell me what you think about this in the comments section below. It means a lot.

Thank you wikians for reading this. Saludos! -wikiman meet. talk. 23:07, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

Update - April 5th, 2013: Thanks for the 30+ comments guys! Keep it up! - Responding to your feedback, I would say that it's not about respect what I'm talking about here. It's about merits, about your acts and reputation of an user and about (obviously) immaturity. More mature users make a better Wikia.

Update - April 14th, 2013: Just happened to think that Wikia should come with Quality Standards for all of its wikis for the sake of being a respected community.