• WikiPim

    Recently, Wikia's been changing it's Terms of Use.

    With the new set of rules, persons impersonating other people, users, entities or whatever even if they are fictional are in direct violation of these ToU. There are some who currently already violate it (example) but it seems to be ignored by staff. Not for the first time tough, it seems that rules only apply when staff needs them.

    Another thing which is striking is the update to meet requirements of SOPA/ ACTA (anti copyright theft laws which have not yet been put in place, but have been heavily discussed in many countries worldwide) in laying blame with users and sort of criminalizing them for things they not always are aware of.

    I am talking about the new quite extended way of saying that…

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  • WikiPim

    Today i noticed that there was a new Wikia wide message about 'how others may see me'.

    Interested by this, i clicked the button and went through the pretty extensive questionnaire.

    After i completed it, the result where as expected, rather vague, fit most approach.

    But then i looked further. Being given the option to 'save my results'.

    And i became suspicious about it right after because it clearly noted an opt out statement.

    And what the heck? I had filled in a form for an advertising company which had lured me into giving me a complete profile for them to be able to use to give me 'personalized ads'.

    I was like. Erm... Wikia, wtf? Why are you leading us to commercial advertisers and displaying this as 'how others see you'?

    Why are you actively …

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  • WikiPim

    According to a recently brought out statement by WikiMedia Foundation CEO Sue Gardner about 13% of the editors is female and 87% is male on Wikipedia/ Wikimedia.

    I wonder if that is the case on Wikia as well. I see many male editors, but i am not sure whether or not that is the same way as Wikipedia has it. And since the majority of usernames are yust internet handles, no way of telling whether or not the person behind it is male or female.

    Also struck me to see that Barry Newstead, chief global development of Wikimedia claims to see a steady decline in editors each year.

    It did surprise me to see this negative inside information.

    I do wonder if Wikia staff would like to share whether or not they see the same trend here as well.

    And i also wond…

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  • WikiPim

    This blog post isn't a positive one. So if you feel like it, read somewhere else. It's also not very delicate in it's approach.

    Sadly, i have a strengthening feeling about the fact that Wikia Staff is either not very dedicated, sloppy or downright failing to do what is for the best interest of the community.

    Harsh words. But i will try to explain why i am getting that feeling.

    A few weeks ago, i accidentely landed on Community Central when trying to find out where to get information. Help contents where too poorly organised and not expanded enough for me to find what i was looking for, so i started digging further.

    I came to CC and i was almost blown away with the sheer amount of options presented to try and find the info you are looking for. …

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