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Is it true? Wiki editing dominated by men?

WikiPim November 22, 2011 User blog:WikiPim

According to a recently brought out statement by WikiMedia Foundation CEO Sue Gardner about 13% of the editors is female and 87% is male on Wikipedia/ Wikimedia.

I wonder if that is the case on Wikia as well. I see many male editors, but i am not sure whether or not that is the same way as Wikipedia has it. And since the majority of usernames are yust internet handles, no way of telling whether or not the person behind it is male or female.

Also struck me to see that Barry Newstead, chief global development of Wikimedia claims to see a steady decline in editors each year.

It did surprise me to see this negative inside information.

I do wonder if Wikia staff would like to share whether or not they see the same trend here as well.

And i also wonder if being harsh to new contributors like quite a number of big wikis currently do, is a smart way to go with such knowledge.

Love to hear your input!

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