Today i noticed that there was a new Wikia wide message about 'how others may see me'.

Interested by this, i clicked the button and went through the pretty extensive questionnaire.

After i completed it, the result where as expected, rather vague, fit most approach.

But then i looked further. Being given the option to 'save my results'.

And i became suspicious about it right after because it clearly noted an opt out statement.

And what the heck? I had filled in a form for an advertising company which had lured me into giving me a complete profile for them to be able to use to give me 'personalized ads'.

I was like. Erm... Wikia, wtf? Why are you leading us to commercial advertisers and displaying this as 'how others see you'?

Why are you actively luring us, Wikia volunteers, into a commercial advertising program?

I am a bit stunned. I know Wikia is for profit and the chimney has to smoke somehow. But really? Are you going this far to pretend something which isn't true and get PAID for that?

I felt quite honestly disheartened by the fact that i was lured into this advertising profile creation. I did not expect Wikia to go that far especially since quite a number of editors are children to begin with, and the parents consent is nowhere asked, yet specific data is brought to that advertising company to make money out of it.

My personal moral feeling says this is really not okay to lure people into such a website. Getting paid to do so is even worse. I do hope that Wikia staff will explain what is going on here.