I need help please. On Kingdom Hearts Wiki I was blocked for a whole day for sockpuppetry. The fact is. I didnt know what it was. Yet I was IP blocked for a whole day. I didnt get a chance to even defend myself or ask why or what it was. I understand now what it is so I wont do it again but the fact is I am still blocked and I cant contact the admins to let them know. Is their anything I can do? Or do I have to sit out the whole block?

EDIT: The admin that blocked me seems to be abusing his power. He is even making very arrogant,sarcastic and flame-like remarks to a fellow user. This is not just about me being blocked from him about the whole sockpuppetry thing. But my friend was just blocked for a whole month on the wiki for bad behavior and disobeying the rules. All he was doing was making post as he was mad how I and him where being treated and english is not his primary language so he is not that skilled in some of our language making it easy for him to misunderstand things. Blocking him for a month for defending me for being blocked without warning and without a chance to defend myself, and for him simply editing his talk page and saying he is leaving because it is unfair. Is abusing power. I hope this is fixed the admin is I can also provide proof to his flame-like comments. Someone should not be a admin if they are arrogant and will flame users.