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Things to Make With Useless Things

Milk Bottle Elephant Tutorial (Idea of The ❤️Wildflight❤️ )

You will need:

A empty Milk Bottle (keep the cap)

1 or more other colours (depending what colour you want your elephant)


A black marker

Step 1

Cut the milk bottle in half just under the handle like the image below.

Cut Milk Bottle

Step 2 Paint the top half all/any colour you like.You may get rid of the bottom half (unless you have a better idea of what to do with it).

Step 3

When the paint is dry, but 2 dots above the handle (the elephant's trunk) to make the eyes.

Step 4 You Don't Need To Do If You Are Lazy

Cut semi-circles at the bottom of the elephant to make the legs like the image below.

Milk Bottle Elephant


Reusable Cup Tutorial (Idea of The ❤️Wildflight❤️ )

You will need:

A water bottle

Some paint

A black marker

Some foil if you consider not getting cuts or paint on your lip when you drink from this cup.(LOLZ)

Glue (Same as for foil).

Step 1

Cut the bottle in half and keep the bottom piece. You may throw away the top part if you don't have a better thing to do with it.

Step 2

Paint anything you ant on this bottom half.(Ex: hearts, flowers, stars...etc.)

Step 3

When the paint is dry, use a black marker to go around the detail. (Ex: go around hearts, flowers, stars...etc.).

Step 4 If You Don't Fancy Getting Your Lip Cut Or Painted

Cut out a strip of tin foil along with glue and fold over the sides of your cup (the plastic bottle LOLZ).


Water Bottle Car (Idea of The ❤️Wildflight❤️ )

You will need:

5 straws

A balloon

A water bottle

4 bottle caps

2 wooden skewers

Some blue tack

Step 1

Cut the small part with the bendy bit off and get rid of it. Cut the second part into two and put the wooden skewers through the straws.

Step 2

Pierce the bottle caps with the skewers and keep one on each side of the skewer as if they were tiny weights and secure with blue tack.(x2).

Step 3

Tape the tiny weights to the bottle as if they were wheels.

Step 4

Now, tape the four straws together not into one thin, long line, but all together to make it the same length but thicker width).

Step 5

Put the balloon onto the four straws and tape into place.

Step 6

Tape the four straws onto the bottle on top with the balloon facing the front.

Now blow through the straws then let go and, WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE! There goes your car!(You may paint it.)


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