We are running out of users in Wild Ones Wiki recently and we are recruiting users which has good performance in wikis and in Wild Ones. Wild Ones is a game in Facebook and Myspace and it belongs to Playdom. Our wiki has gone to spotlight recently and visitors have increased too. However, due to large group of people leaving, we need immediate contributors to support the wiki.

Wild Ones Wiki is founded on April 2010 and there are 523 articles in Wild Ones. Recently, Wild Ones Wiki is expired due to lack of information about accessories. Many administrators and good editors left this wiki.

We all want is:

  • 1 people who masters in English
  • 1 technical user
  • 1 interpreter in Chinese or Polish and English
  • At least 2 users who masters Wild Ones very well and play Wild Ones often.

If you can help us, please reply below or reply at my talk page in Wild Ones.

The link is here.

Thank you for your great contribution! We are looking forward to seeing Wild Ones Wiki back in line!

Wildoneshelper  talk  edits  02:05, November 24, 2011 (UTC)