William indonesian

  • I live in Jakarta
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Patriotism Of Indonesia
  • I am male
  • William indonesian

    Hello guys or shall i say more politely other users because i'm 12 years old,well if you're disturbed,then,help me a bit here.

    I am an admin at Respawnables wiki and a contrib in some other wikis.But what i've just concerned about is the rex-the-respawnables-player wiki.It is abandoned.So i kind of....changing it's name to Respawnables fanon wiki but i can't (The rex-the.... is the web).I need someone to help me out there too.The creator of the wiki,I am Rex is nowhere to found.But lately i've found him in my wiki.I commented 3 comments at his wiki and then there's nothing,answering it.So i think this is an opportunity to you guys to help!Well if you see some of the pages,that is my creation.You don't need to know respawnables (or you shoul…

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