So, yeah, by the title, its kinda obvious that I'm promoting Marvel vs DC Wikia, a wikia I adopted. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or anything as I heard I can do this kinda stuff here, so if you haven't sighed and closed this, here goes. The wiki in itself is very inactive and I know one day, they'll be trolls to come around for no reason and vandalise everything,and like every other admin or bueracurat I'd prefer for that to not happen, or at least when it does, I want to at least be more prepared.

So, I just want to kinda advertise this wiki, basically by the title of the wiki Marvel vs DC the wiki is about Marvel and DC.On it, they're loads of possibilities with what to do such as make epic fan games, fan movies, fan fiction etc. You can make your own Marvel and DC characters, as well as fan battles. Pretty much, you can do so much there.

I don't really have too much to say as the wikia is pretty self-explanatory in itself, though I just wanted to say something and advertise here as I heard we're allowed to do this here, and also like I said before, the wiki is mad inactive. I'm not forcing anyone reading to say yes, even though I would like for yesses to be said and this, like I said before, is just me promoting my wiki (with no arrogance, I promise).