My new wikia is the Coding Help Wiki! Here's the link -

This is a place for newbies at coding to learn more with detailed descriptions that provide clear explanation. However, we also need those explanative pages too so we're also in need for coders to share their knowledge. That's why we're asking all you great coding experts to come on down and help the users already there to build a community that contains and encyclopedia of wiki coding!

This project was made so new coders could learn how to style their wikis with complicated formats to liven up communities. We can help them by working together to make a coding encyclopedia.

I think people might want to join so as they contribute, they can learn new styles to color their wikis too. So far, there are 11 pages excluding the main page.  In the future, I hope we hit thousands of pages explaining clearly how to do many many different types of wikia coding. Others could help out by offering suggestions for pages, or editing some to add in detail, create new pages, and advertise the wiki to people who'd like to learn to code.

Well that's it! I can only hope a few of you - or a lot, decide to come down and help out. :)

Sincerely, and thanks,

wollow - majestic sig

(This is Foxstep1's wiki, and I copied and tweaked her blog post.)

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