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windclan- animaljam

hello there, im starting a clan called windclan on animal jam. my username is wingpaw (lol), but in windclan animal jam my name is windstar

and if you want to join you have to gift me something thats for the clan and in comments post your rank, pelt color, username, personality of your windclan cat, windclan cat name, rollplay example, and a conclution. ( example for conclution) and i would love to be in this clan becuz you never know what i could do. thats the conclution example for you. 

sarepia forest- hunting and apprentice training

appondale- practice tree climbing

temple of zios- border controll

coral canyons- border controll

kimbara- apprentice fight training

thank you for seeing this wikia and plz join my clan bye!!!!!

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