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  • WinterMagnet

    Chat is lagging!

    April 26, 2014 by WinterMagnet

    So yes - The chat is super laggy - I installed a few codes. In other wikis - it won't lag. Here, it would lag and all the members on my wiki tell me that it is lagging. Help?

    P.S : Mediawiki could've possibly harmed the wiki.

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  • WinterMagnet

    Seriously. I chat banned him. Some beaucreat blocked him. He hacked,  got him self unblocked. I chat banned him and he got account creation disabled, yet still. The beaucreat told me he was reported and is gonna be globally disabled. It's been a week or so and he hasen't been yet. Any help?

    Edit : He decived me and another admin and changed his name.

    P.S his name is User:Squash28. 

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