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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 15
  • I am Male
  • Wintermelon43

    So when is opoppa (Old People Online Privacy Protection Act) going to happen?

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  • Wintermelon43

    So, on the Plants vs. Zombies Wikia Chat, and all other chats, a problem keeps happening. So, everybody will get disconnected, and if they say something, it will come up, but you can only see it from refreshing, along with other's messeges.When you refresh, only users that refreshed can see. This means that other' messeges will show without them eing on unless you refresh. It keeps happening, why is it doing this?

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  • Wintermelon43

    Was wiki having problems some minutes ago? for some reason i coudn't go on wiki while everything else did a shockingly 2 second to load.

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  • Wintermelon43

    well do you know any? here is some i know of:

    messege thing

    autoplaying music

    diffrent background,

    but any others?

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  • Wintermelon43


    May 22, 2013 by Wintermelon43

    For some reason chat won't work so i have to ask here.

    So if there is a uaser that is in the leaderboard,well liked,has alot of mainspace, etc but barely abuses chat mod power but no other power and spammed on chat a few times what is better to do?

    demote them complety but not ban them from chat

    ban them from chat but keep rights and demote them if they unban themselves

    please answer becuse i actully need to know (don't try to find out why)

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