• Withered casey

    Five Nights At Miheal Birds Game Blog!

    Some of these one's are prety scary for withered back stories.

    Withered Micheal Bird,in the first game he is scary cause he is always active.So the makers of the endoskelotons wither him,and he moves an eye and the people scream and he moves up and kills them with his bare claws.

    Withered Tanner,He is a no active guy,he only moves on the 6th night + so they throw him in the dumpster with killer kasey and he gains a little bit of endoskeloton.

    Withered Liam,He is withered for killing too many night guards,as they finish breaking the arms and legs they see him move and then he kills them.

    Withered casey,He gains a little endoskeloton,but on the last night (the 6th night)he is ight on the outside of his cove …

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