VGA wiki

Hey there, everyone!

I'm Wither, and I would like to describe and promote my new wiki here. It's not really "new" per se as it's a couple months old, but it's still very empty.

The wiki can be found right here, at this sweet little link. For the info:

What is the wiki about?

A lot. Its focus is anything, but then really, anything, based off an existing video game, or a series thereof. Think of animations (movies, series, shorts, anime) and literary products (comics, manga, novels, picture books), or merchandise. And here's where the fun part comes in:

We allow official, unofficial and fanon stuff! The wiki doubles as a canon and fanon wiki, and in addition you can even write articles about fan-made stuff! Think of fan-made webseries (Glitchtale, Super Mario Bros. Z, Smash King, Annoying Villagers, and so on and forth), standalone animations, webcomics, fangames, mods, ROM hacks... but then really anything including engines/tools to make franchise-specific fangames and mods, and even online communities and game servers! And while you may not describe how to get them, you can write articles about unlicensed/pirated games (Somari, Sonic 6) as well. Just don't describe how to get them; that's obviously illegal and very likely ToU breaking. To describe it short: For as long as it's based on or around a video game, it's allowed. Including knockoffs and rip-offs of games too.

Other info

  • Who are the admins? I'm its founder and only admin. Not to mention its only real contributor in general.
  • Talk pages or message walls/comments? Message Walls and Comments, though I do have plans to enable JavaScript when the wiki is bigger and install PseudoTalkPages and TalkButton to include talk pages as well, including for articles.
  • CSS? Yeah, a pretty big amount of it so far.
  • How many pages? At the time of writing this, a mere 14. 6 of which are pages that share a name with a Discussions module and exist for discussions and conversations in the comments. 
  • Can I create a page about a joke hack/animation/mod? Go ahead. Articles do not necessarily have to be about a serious product.
  • Can I create an artice about a famous individual, e.g. an animator, modder, ROM hacker or fangame developer? As long as their products are based on a video game, sure.
  • Can I create an article about a fan-made product based off Dragon Ball? You unfortunately cannot, since Dragon Ball didn't start with a video game. The only exception is the Slenderman franchise, since the first real product was the Eight Pages game IIRC, and there's huge loads of fan-made content overstemming the official products.
  • How do I write my character article? All character articles must be a subpage of one big disambiguation page; i.e. "Mario" would be the main page for Mario. A page for SMBZ Mario would be "Mario/Super Mario Bros. Z", a page for DiC Mario would be "Mario/DiC cartoons", a page for a Mario in your series which, for example, could be named "Crossover Crisis", would be "Mario/Crossover Crisis", and so on and forth. And while it's not a requirement, I do recommend you to use the Character Page Format on the Rules and Guidelines page.
  • Can I write an article about an inappropriate product? Provided it is marked as such with a template I'm planning to make, you can, but be careful with it. Do not make anything about products in or past the ecchi genre.
  • Can I make a page about a meme? No, even if it is based on a game, sorry. We do allow pages describing characters from Creepypastas and Trollpastas - not the actual stories themselves, these are to be posted on their respective wikis.

That's all the questions I can think of at the moment. Hopefully we can build up this community to reasonable size and fame, and make it big, and grow. 

I would truly appreciate all help and new contributors! I'm not begging for them, but no one ever did anything on there for months despite the potential it has in my opinion, and the two other admins also did... naught. So I had to revoke their rights.

If interested, please take a look at the wiki! Thanks in advance! There'll be another link below my sig ;-)

Kind regards,