• Wolfe40326

    My first blog post

    April 11, 2015 by Wolfe40326

    Hi jammers my username is wolfe40326 i would like to talk about some scammers in animal jam that i know of one of these jammers are Hippiewolf4, alpha01364, Celebration hats (shes a hacker too) and Tigery451. Now hippieWolf4 is a jammer that was my friend but tryed to scam me twice and tried to take all my buddies away from me. Alpha01364: She tried to scam my non rare pink spike just yesterday she said that she was recording so i looked her up because i did not belive her then just one video poped up and it was a rare spike collar giveaway it was not her video though. A user named princess moxie or something made it. I looked down at the comments and she Commented she said her user and she told in the comments that she was a member. Also,…

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