Hello guys!!! this is a very serius question... if anyone has seen this lady (long strait black hair, dressed in pure black, caucasion) she looks like an amish woman, she is prettyish but scary If you see her or other ghosts feel free to tell me, these paranormal sightings mean a lot to me to hear about i am very concerned she may be a shape shifter- you are more likely to see her if you live near Goetzville michigan.. Btw i mean well im Not a profesional as you can see but really i am serius Ghosts really do exhist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       My story when i first saw her:

I was Playing with my horse in the round pen And as i turned around there was a woman dressed in black.. I was so shocked i jumped like outaa my skins but when i focused my eyes back on her she was gone. i didnt want to freak out becuase my older sister would flip a disk and run to the house (she is that scared of this stuff)

The next time i had a paranormal experience it was worse.....

I was going outside to bait my cat beacuse i knew there was something in the woods so every couple of days i would assume it was a kitty and feed it some leftover food i found around the house.. So the last time i ever did it i had found some chicken and rice in a Heavy ceramic cake pan i took my sister with me, i leaned over by the same tree ihad always been pting food next to. started scooping the chicken and rice out slowly and i heard something. It sounded a lot like thumping like something was coming..... I said Kia....... RUN!!! She took off like a bullet. but i was a little slower due to the fact i tried to take the heavy pan with me. Then WHOOPS  i tripped. a good 23 feet from the house too i thought i was a goner.... Kia ran back to me come on lets go!! she screamed. i jumped up and left the pan behind. running to the front door.. but unfortunitly stupid me  tried getting in my dads truck instead of the house but it was looked so finally i ran in the house.. and collapsed on the floor exclaiming  hey didnt you here us screaming out there?!?!?! to my parents my mom replies Nope it was  really quite outside mean while kia started screaming for my dad to go shoot what ever it was... little did i know he had a camera out side and it showed nothing at my bait i was shocked but even more shocked that it wasent just me who had heard it, kia had to.

Thats getting me to think........ does anyone else experience paranormal things if you do comment your story i would love to hear it :)