I'm soooo excited this is my first vlog! Anyways I figured I'd tell you my favorite kind of games on Roblox. I love obbies but I do have a passion for sci-fi horror games. Ever since I was young I always watched scary movies with my mom XD and my friends. Since most of my friends now don't like horror movies, my mom is my go to person for horror films. I don't know wheather it's the fact my hearts racing so fast or I get too into the movie, but I ju love it! Don't ask me why, but I do. About the obbies, tell me to do one, I'll beat it. My friend calls me the obby ninja XD But seirously I have a passion for them. My advice to you, atleast watch the scary movie or play the scary game cause you might get a kick out of it...... Never be afraid to try it out. And just think, theres always someone with a more hilarious reaction like PewDiePie with certain jump scares, jk love you Pewds. But umm yeah hope yo take my advice. Bye guys!