• Woodclan123

    Shark's life

    July 14, 2015 by Woodclan123

    Meet Shark. He is a dull gray Tom with bright blue eyes. His mother is Cinder, a silver tabby with green eyes. His father is Stripe, a black and white Tom with..... No stripes. He has an older sister named Orca, get it? Their both named after water creatures. Anyways, Shark's life was great. Their home was peaceful, and they knew every cat. Though... One day it all changed. Shark, Cinder, Stripe, and Orca were hunting when Shark had turned six moons old, Shark stopped upon three two legs sitting around a small fire. The smallest two leg looked over, eyes lighting up. She cooed, showing him some type of prey. Orca stopped, trying to hold him back. Cinder shrieked when the big two leg slammed a cage over him. Shark rocked in rocked in the ca…

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