Meet Shark. He is a dull gray Tom with bright blue eyes. His mother is Cinder, a silver tabby with green eyes. His father is Stripe, a black and white Tom with..... No stripes. He has an older sister named Orca, get it? Their both named after water creatures. Anyways, Shark's life was great. Their home was peaceful, and they knew every cat. Though... One day it all changed. Shark, Cinder, Stripe, and Orca were hunting when Shark had turned six moons old, Shark stopped upon three two legs sitting around a small fire. The smallest two leg looked over, eyes lighting up. She cooed, showing him some type of prey. Orca stopped, trying to hold him back. Cinder shrieked when the big two leg slammed a cage over him. Shark rocked in rocked in the cage, growling at the two legs who were laughing and poking at him. He could see Stripe and Cinder watching worriedly, Orca was pacing back in forth. With one final rock, the crate fell on its side, pushing into the wood making the Fire brighten, starting to flare on the dry brittle grass. Shark escaped, running out of the cage. The two legs took no notice of the spreading Fire, it was getting close to the trees, creaking with need for water from the little rain. "Shark watch out!" Orca yowled, they too took no notice of the flame. Shark looked up as the largest two leg dove at him, something sharp in his hand. Shark ducked, though the two leg sliced the sharp object over his left eye, the scratch trailed down to his stomach. Shark looked down, his left eye going blank. Blood was staining his chest, and he felt faint, starting to collapse. Cinder burst forward, pulling Shark to safety, while a orca and Stripe attacked the twolegs. Shark whimpered, his right eye widening. His mother backed up, and looked up. The treetops above her were engulfed in the flame. Te branch creaked, Cinder shrieked as the flaming branch started to fall. "CINDER!" Stripe yowled jumping into his mate, the branch fell with a deafening crack, on Stripe's back, Cinder shrieked as the flame engulfed her too. "C-cinder... S-stripe..." Shark murmured, dizzy from the confusion and the loss of blood. After all, he was just a kit. Orca turned on hi "YOU KILLED THEM" "what?" "IF YOUR SORRY RUMP HADNT GONE STRAIGHT TO A TWOLEG OUR PARENTS WOULD BE ALIVE!" She snarled. Shark gasped at his snarling sister, as a TWOLEG in a bright red pelt picked her up, taking no notice in Shark. "Orca!" He yelled "Orca!" Orca looked at her terrified brother "run! Save yourself run!" Shark turned around, and ran. He ran from the fire, from the screams of his family, he ran from the barking black spotted dogs. He ran from everything, tears of sorrow shrouded his half-gaze, running only opened his hardly healed wound. He fell to the ground and cried, cried more than he ever would in his life. He just cried.

Since then, Shark learned to keep to himself, he learned how to hunt and fight expertly, and he learned about herbs and healing. His scar left him permanently blind. He would settle into a territory, but it never was the same. Nothing would be the same, until one day, he was walking and he saw a beautiful creek, sunlight reflected off of the Clear waters, marigold and poppy flowers littered the ground, Shark plucked them up, relishing the sunlight on his ragged dull gray coat. He had been looking for these exact herbs. Little did he know, a young medicine cat apprentice had been walking, looking for those herbs. Shark scented her, and he crouched down. She perked her ears, hearing a rustle. She was a pretty gray tabby (I think that's what she looked like) and her eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She intrigued him, looking a lot like his father, the thought sent a pang in his heart. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Shark stood, giving out a menacing growl, that would send most cats fleeing for their lives. But all she did was stare him dead in the eyes and say cheerfully "I'm Beepaw", after that day, everything in his life would change. Bold text HOLY CRAP DID I JUST DO THAT. YES I DID. I LOVQE IT XD sorry if it was long, this is from a roleplay I had on Instagram. (Btw follow me I'm @woodclxn) BUT WOAH THAT JUST CAME FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD