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    Russian Cup:

    This week saw lots of drama in Russia. Aliya Mustafina died on bars and did a new first pass, no dont get excited it was a full-in. This competiton for her gave me real Aliya in podium training vibes and i wasnt happy. Come on youre reigning olympic champ on Bars get a grip. Her beam wasnt connected at all however her vault in the AA was definately amanar potential. Its like when Gabby Douglas goes for the DTY on the high mat in Podium Training and youre like ooh shes gonna go for an Amanar, but then she never does. Aliya's efforts resulted in Third place AA. This also saw the major rise for Seda Tutkalyan where she hit all her beam routines (p.s she still has event finals to go but whatever) and hit her bars in the all around …

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