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life is torchure

When everyone stops to look at the world they look at it the same as everybody else, but the real thing is that they need to look at the world in their own opionions on life not what others pressure them to think. Life is torchure for some people but with others its peaceful living. Nothing is the same with more than one person.

When i look at the world i look at it as a place of evil and damnation to all living life forms.If everyone looked at the world in the same way they would realize that the world is not a happy place to be. It is a terrible place to be full of hurt and pain and torchure. I think life is nothing but a torchure machine and it runs on the pain of others. If anyone has comments on how i feel please message me your opinions.

How do peopl excpect the world to be happy when there is nothing but evil in the wold. Heres a quote. "Dont bite off more than you can chew!"

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