• Wownow12

    Hi!  Wownow12 here!  Today I'm going to be talking about the game I love the most on roblox and why.


    Jail Break.   I think other gamers out there can agree with me.  Jail Break Beta just came out of nowhere and just blew it's other competition away.  Almost immediatley when jailbreak came out so many loyal users of Prison Life were just flocking to jailbreak.  It was the new hot game that everyone was talking about  and became number one on the front page in less then an hour.

    It has remained number one on the roblox front page ever since.  It even broke the roblox record of roblox users playing a roblox game at once, with over 75,000 people playing.  Jail Break started out as a normal prison game but has a small twist... you could rob …

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