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Look familiar?

Wynthyst October 28, 2010 User blog:Wynthyst

I was just browsing through some stuff on the internet and came across the CBS news site. If you look through their site and at any of their articles, you will see a remarkable resemblance to Wikia's "new look". Does it work on a news website? Not so much, it's too cluttered, and things are hard to find. Does it work on a wiki? Absolutely not it's too cluttered, and things are hard to find. Unfortunately, it seems that the Wikia designers don't understand that the need for functionality on a wiki is vastly different than that of a static website. It seems that web design across the board is going with this horrendous style. I wish web designers would get a clue. -- Wynthyst talk 11:03, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

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