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September 17, 2013
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    September 18, 2013 by XDLove1D

    Hi to everyone!Well,i think that the most girls want to look perfect.It is a little difficult but you can hit it!I am gonna to tell you a few tips for beauty,that boys love and you will love it,too.Let's start!

    Your make-up have to be very simple everyday!Don't use too much mascara.Don't think to use eyeliner,too. Try to use a white eyeshadow.Also,use a lip-gloss but light.Your face is gonna to look more natural and i think that with this you are gonna to look so gorgerous for boys!

    Don't prefer skirts at school,even they are jean skirt.Wear jeans the most times you can!And a simple blouze,it can have words anything but it have to be simple!With your outfit use and a simple accessory.It gonna to look amazing.

    Maybe your body don't have a nice…

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