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XSmash6m4 September 14, 2016 User blog:XSmash6m4

This users who still using Puffin Browser today still stalking me today. Not only that, he keep on claiming that I'm Ryan when my names is not Ryan because I don't who it is and he keep spamming insult all over again. 

I know why he been using Puffin Browser because he act like same person except one of them who did not spam and/or anything else, and he don't know about TOS.

So, when the anonymous got disabled in Community Wikia or maybe lock entire websites?

Look closely, there person named AdedBiatch who using same IP from using Puffin Browser's IP (including and who use same IP from using Puffin Browser) that who use same person to prevent him getting blocked by VSTF, staff and/or local admins, and trolling innocent users and spamming (Example: Cryan A n d shit Pee who used by pass after filter spam), so I know reason why he ignoring Term Of Service and nothing else.

IMG 20160914 143209

Ger, but it already deleted comments

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