• XXDoritoGamerzXx

    Ok guys, So here's the story of why I am asking for one:

    So, our school bully, Adrian, snatched my friend's phone away while my friend was playing dokkan battle. Adrian then messed up my friend's account, selling all his ssrs, and wasted his dragon stones on summoning R's. Adrian then deleted my friend's dokkan battle, and then threw the phone at his face, calling him a loser and Adrian's friends laughed out.

    I really want to help my friend, James, with his lost OP cards.

    It would be a lot if you can just PM me a transfer code with a rerolled, strong ssr in it. James really needs one now.

    Guys, like I said, It would mean a lot to James. Thanks a lot for reading, and if you have a rerolled account, please PM me the transfer code.

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