• XXPugNingaXx

    All about pugs!

    November 7, 2015 by XXPugNingaXx

    So lets get to the topic.

    'Pugs are cute and lovable they are my opinion one of the top 10 dogs perfect for a family.Now pugs are not perfect like pug are supper loud with snorting, and pugs don't have dog like tails but their still cute in many ways.'                                                       


    ''''Here are two pugs the one on the left is a baby pug and the one on the right is an adult pug.

    Also when winter comes up pugs love the snow! But when you get to summer pugs like to stay inside. But I realize that some of you reading this don't get snow. Don't worry I feel your pain I moved around alot and some of the places I moved to didn't have snow. But NEVER leave a pug outside! You can kill it because with the oils it has in its bo…

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