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Hi! My online alias is Urufu Tsukiyo as it means 'Wolf moonlit night'. Hehe I really do love my japanese name. My real name is Thia. (Prounce: T-Ya) Well..Nickname off course. This blog is all about animes that I adore and like. These fandoms helped make me the person I am today! I actually have friends that love animes, such as Pripara,Aikatsu,Digimon,Pokemon and etc. My top five fandoms are: 5.Sailor Moon Crystal 4.HunterXHunter 3.Pokemon 2.Digimon 1.Pripara. This are my top five animes/fandom. What are yours? I wanna know so tell me MKay? Well..You see I always wanted to do a blog or something. I have a youtube channel but it is kinda crappy ^.^' I'm still new to blog and v-log and such but I'll so my very best so thank you for having time to read this Minna-san! Janne~!



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