Welcome to the next installment of our Featured Walruses Wikian blog series, and a big thank you to Tama63 for taking the time to answer all our questions.

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Wikia: Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Tama63: I'm an avid player of the game The Pirates of the Caribbean Online and one of the few brits on the game. Sometimes people mistake me for a girl per my username ^.^ so I actually have a template which explains that I'm a boy.

Wikia: How did you first discover Wikia?

Tama63: Well, I was looking for a walkthrough on a game I play and a Wikia hosted wiki was the first to pop up in the search results.

Wikia: Which wikis do you spend the most time on -- and which is your main wiki?

Tama63: I spend most of my time on the POTCO players wiki trying to keep the spammers out which sadly we have many, though sometimes I do hover round other wikis which I think need help. I'm also currently helping around on the Lifestyle Wiki.

Wikia: What do you think is great about Wikia?

Tama63: Anyone can find a wiki community to join about their favorite hobby or interest it doesn't matter what language you speak or what your ideals are there's a wiki for everyone , or if someone can't find one they can create their own and let their community grow.

Wikia: How has Wikia inspired you or supported your passion?

Tama63: I met other people who shared the same interests as me and learned more about the topic, Wikia's blogs have inspired me to make things like this video . Wikia is a place for everyone and I found the wiki for me :)

Wikia: What would your top 5 tips for new folks on a wiki be?

  1. Find a Community , there are hundreds to choose from
  2. Fill in your user page with information about yourself.
  3. Start fixing up pages, spell check them and look for more information on the subject the page covers
  4. Ask around if any of the wiki community needs help on a project
  5. Don't ask for adminship , it will never get you anywhere earn your place as a wiki sysop

Wikia: What would you like to see that isn't on Wikia already?

Tama63: A way for sysops to choose where the advert block is on wiki main pages, sometimes it breaks the layout

Wikia: Love the video you made, was that hard to do, and will you be making more?

Tama63: Me and a rollback of the wiki spent 2 hours on IRC talking about what to add so it was a joint effort, however community participation was essential to making it a success ,If any other event comes up I might make another video. As I said before Christina's Blog inspired the community to come up with something as a response to the blog.

Wikia: You're helping around on the Lifestyle wiki, could you give us a link and explain a bit about what you're doing to help and why?

Tama63: I like helping out on wikis that I'm interested in. I could see a lot of potential for the lifestyle wiki, so I got to work helping Zen reformat pages, and designing a wordmark for the wiki! We still need lots of help so any new edits would be great!
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