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TwiTastic Eclipse Event

Xean July 7, 2010 User blog:Xean

It's been a week since the release of the latest Twilight Saga Movie Eclipse, and we wanted to give a recap of the awesome premiere party we hosted last week! The Twilight Saga wiki sponsored a private screening of Eclipse at the Century 20 in Redwood City, California, which was attended by over 150 die hard Twihards. There was a dark excitement in the air, with tons of vamps, wolves and humans of all ages gathered together to celebrate. To see a recap of the night, with pics, tweets, and videos, visit the Eclipse Release page. You can also get recaps on our Facebook fan page and Twilight Wiki Twitter account.

Have you seen the movie yet? If so, be sure to help us fill out our Book v. Movie page or write your own Eclipse Review.

Big thanks to and 92.7 KREV for helping us spread the word.

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