We all know there are certain things that make a wikian a wikian - things that the rest of the world doesn't really understand but that show our fellow wikian's we're one of them.
Some of them are actions we take, ways we think, or words we say but they are all uniquely wikian. So what are they?

You know you're a wikian if....

  1. You try to edit just about every post, page or photo you see on the web
  2. You get mad when a website doesn't show its edit history
  3. You try to type in a url and automatically add every time
  4. You see a sad looking wiki and can't help trying to improve it
  5. You watch a show/movie and hope there's a wiki for it
  6. You play a video game and just know there's a wiki for it
  7. Someone is talking about something and you go "there's a wiki for that"
  8. You see a list like this and are COMPELLED to add your own in the comments below...

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