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Let me introduce myself:

Hello my name is Xena April Webster Pattinson,

i'm 34 years old.I'm from Spencer,West Virginia.

I love 2 watch tv & movies,play The Sims 3 on PC,

Love listening 2 music & collecting cds,dvds & action figures.

I will not go in2 detail about my personal life cause I feel cause

i'm a very private person & I feel its no1's business what so ever.

I'm a huge Rob Pattinson & Johnny Depp fan,love them both,i'm also

a huge Twilight Saga & Harry Potter fan as well.1 warning don't try 2 pry

in2 my private life cause u won't get answers from me what so ever so

keep out & respect me as if u want me 2 respect u & we'll get along just fine k....

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