Hey, well I am Xenia and this my first blog so work with me here. Anyway if you are thinking it is weird to write a blog on St. Patrick's Day I agree with you. So let's talk about St. Patrick's Day where I live. Well unless you have green on it is kinda brutal. Like this morning I woke to someone's long fingernails digging into my skin because the pajama's I had on the night before were not green. My little sister Terry takes the day a little too seriously. Okay so last year we went into the store and Terry pinched a six year old girl because she was not wearing green shoes. She even pinched the store clerk because her vest was not the right color green. Anyway lets talk about me for a second well I love the color red, I have a husky named, Sniper (and yes I brag about him a lot even though he is bad. But they don't have to know that ;). My favorite singer is Katy Perry (speaking of her you guys should really check out her new song, "Chained to the Rhythm". I have 4 siblings 2 brother and 2 sisters (and I am the middle child). What I want to be when I grow up is a singer or someone famous. Well I guess that is all for know if you want to know more about me then ask in the comments or if you want to edit something let me know. This was Xeniathefan signing out. Don't forget to wear green or I will sick my little sister on you. Happy St. Patrick's day!!!