I think I'd noticed it before, but when an editor brought up that the Achievement badge text couldn't distinguish between Categories that started with vowels from consonants, giving such grammatical wonders as "make one edit on a Actors article", I thought I'd see if I could fix it.

After lots of failed attempts using the existing code structure to see first if the number of edits is singular or plural, I came up with a workaround (i.e. "make one edit on any Actors article" etc.), and raised it at Special:Contact. Apparently it's to do with the way Wikia bolts together the badge text, and there's no fix.

But after a bit more trial and error, I've come up with a different method that works despite the current system; if it bothers you enough to add this to your wiki, it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to have achievements that even a Grammar Nazi would approve of!

There are 4 system messages that need to be changed to the code found below them:

Note you will need admin rights to edit them.