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User blog:Xerox180/Dreams and the brain a live conversation


Dreams and the brain a live conversation

Xerox180 August 18, 2014 User blog:Xerox180
  • Xerox180so you wanna learn about the subconscious today?
  • or just my experience?
  • or both?
  • 8:26IvixorSure.
  • 8:26Xerox180?
  • both
  • 8:26IvixorBoth
  • 8:26Xerox180okay well one night i had a dream i was falling off a building and i was falling onto the floor
  • 8:26IvixorI want to see what you think you know
  • 8:27Xerox180well what do you think you know?
  • what is subconcious to you?
  • 8:27IvixorI don't know anything
  • I really don't
  • 8:28Xerox180okay well the subconcious is the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware; unreportable mental activities.
  • 8:29IvixorI've heard,but that is about it.
  • Alright
  • 8:29Xerox180so when you dream your subconcious is working your concious has become innactive
  • notice how when you dream you remember when you awake how you remember parts of the dream or even the whole of the dream in detail but never the beggining
  • thats were inception comes into place
  • you can in fact give someone an idea without them knowing whereit came from
  • like how you dream about doing something like riding down a hill on your bike and the next morning you remember it so you try to attempt it
  • you see when the concious is innactive the memory part of the brain is still working
  • so some dreams you remember
  • there is a movi coming out called MALL with this kid takes a drug that makes his visualization supersensitive like at one point he visualizes turning into a werewolf and he actually beleives it and feels it and sees it
  • so there are drugs out there that can hyperstimulate your ability to visualize things with your mind just as there are certain things you can do to control your dreams allowing you to work both stimuli in your brain at once, your concious and subconcious
  • do you follow me?
  • 8:37IvixorYep keep going
  • 8:38Xerox180so if i say dont think about tigers what will you think about?
  • Tigers right!
  • 8:38IvixorI would still think about tigers
  • 8:39Xerox180so me saying that just worked two parts of your brain
  • 8:39IvixorYep, hate typing on my phone
  • 8:39Xerox180memory, because you just brought up a picture of a tiger in your head right
  • and it worked visualization because you visualized a tiger
  • now where that image of a tiger came from you dont know do you?
  • so your brain cannot trace the origins of a thought
  • but it can use memory you didnt know you had so in a sense you just used your subconcious thinking about tigers