I've been off my wikia acount for a while and I come back and I'm blocked from wikis and have messages on my wall that I don't get. So I see I've been blocked from Monster High wiki which I never do anything bad on because it's a children's wiki, I have some message on Victorious wiki about being kicked and I've never ever gone to this wiki, apparently I made a new wiki which I might put up for adoption, and something on Community Central about innapropriate language. Now i'm confused and can only think up one explanation that my account was hacked and some one went trolling as me.

So here is my apology. Everyone I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings or said something rude or something indescribable. I'm sorry I can't apologize to you guys individually because I wasn't there and I don't know who hacked my account. Though you guys can keep me blocked if you want. It's fine. Just know I'm going to change my password and maybe resolve this. If that doesn't work I have no choice but to make a new account. If any of you have any ideas of who did this please tell me.