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Do We Wanna Move On From Our Original Charaters??

I've Been Thinking If We All Like or Do Like To Watch Total Drama . And We've Had These Wonderful 3seasons With This Amazing FAKE Cast Thats Some Of Us Actually Do Love.Why Would They Go And Replace It We All Got Use To :

Alejondros = Evil ways

Beth's = Awsome Priorty's

Bridgette 's = Nice Awesome Persionallty & The Fact She Never Stoped Making Out with part Boy Geff.

Cheff's = toughness & Disgusting Food !!

Chris 's = Mean ways To Try & Destroy The Cast !

Cody 's = Sick Up Session With Gwen .

Courtney 's = C.I.T. Ways & How She Never Leaves Them Alone.


Duncan 's = Toughness & wierd way he put up with Courtney and eneded up wit Gwen Yay!!

Eva's = Girl Toughness & How She Cares 4 Her IPOD

Ezekiel 's = Weirdness (almost worse than sierra) & Determination On Winning The Money!!

Geoff = How He's Such A party boy with his awesome make out girl Brig (what he calls her)

Gwen = A Goth/ Scene She's A Loner . With A heart Had 2 guys tren & duncan and won duncan nice!

Harold = Wierd LiL Nerd Thinks He Has Mad Skills (dosent) With A Crush On The Faboulous Leshawana

Heather = The Girl Who Won and Lost Money ( haha karma's a B!t@#) .

Izzy = Crazy Chick (wierder than sierrra) like's to be called kaledoscope or e-scope 4 short but is faithful 2 freinds.

Justin = Hot (Not Really) Guy with Mad Skills ( not better that alejondro).

Katie = Dresses Like Sadie Kinda Like Sisters I hope she Has A Brain lol

LeShawna = Ghetto Faboulos Diva That Speaks Her Mind & Is Not Afaid of Heather.

Lindsay = Loveable Might Gets Comfused Some Times But isnt FUND OF HEATHER Either .

Noah = Unique Sarcastic Funny Loveable Guy (Gotta Love Noah)

Owen = Faring Machine With A Heart Loves Izzy And so Do We.

Sadie = Katies' Twin They Think Alike Dress Alike And Sleep Toghere ( No gay crap)

Serra = Major CRAZINESS Goin On Here Over Cody R u KIdding Me Cody Sersiouly O well I DNT PICK EM'.

Trent = Lovable Talented Guy Gets Weird (with gwen the 9 thing) Has A Major Crush On Gwen And LOses it Srry 4 Him .

Tyler = Wannabe Atheletic (Sad) ;) Major Crush On Lindsay But She Dosent Quiet Rember Him Yet But He Wont Stop Till sHE doES & He Did .

So why Replace The AWESOME and Not SO awesome Crew

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