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    Bot help

    February 13, 2013 by XxHighbreedpredatorxX

    Hi. I won't be able to reply to any comments unfortunately as I seem to be experiencing problems with my javascript. Staff have been notified.

    So, I was thinking of running a bot on my wiki and just wanted to clarify a few things:

    1. Do I need Staff permission to run one?
    2. Is complex coding needed to run a bot?
    3. Just a bit of explanation of how a bot is used would also be helpful as well, please.

    I have had a look here but I'm not sure how much help that is.

    I run Windows 7 by the way.

    If I have any responses to the comments, ummmm, I'll either reply in chat or devise a section in this blog post for replies.


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    February 13, 2013 by XxHighbreedpredatorxX

    Pywikipedia is a tool that can be used to run a bot. I figured I'd write a small blog sharing what I know about how to use this tool.

    It's main page is at m:Pywikipedia, which covers the tool in a much more in depth manner. I will summarize how to set it up, and answer any questions you may have.

    It is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool, which means you run it via terminal (Command line in Windows). Once you acquire the bot and install its dependencies following the instructions on meta, it's very simple to setup.

    • 1 Before setting up
    • 2 Setting up
    • 3 Scripts
      • 3.1 Global arguments
      • 3.2 Sysop actions
    • 4 Notes

    • Open a Terminal
      • In Unity (Ubuntu's default desktop): Press Ctrl + Alt + T
      • In Windows: Ctrl + R and type in cmd
      • In Mac OS X: It's in the Utilities folde…

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    One of the most asked questions in Chat is simply "How do I customize Chat?". Because of this, I decided to write a blog that will explain how to customize various aspects of chat, from the emoticons to the join message.

    There are two main things to consider before trying to customize chat. The first thing to consider is that your wiki must have Chat enabled on the wiki and the second is that you have to be an Administrator (which includes founders and bureaucrats).

    If you do not have Chat enabled on your wiki, it can be enabled by going to Special:WikiFeatures on your wiki. Once on that page, scroll down to the labs section. Once there, you should click the "Enable" button. This will active chat on your wiki. If you do not have an "Enable" …

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    sharp shooters

    February 12, 2013 by XxHighbreedpredatorxX

    Basketball scenario is changing in the city and the advent of the Pune Basketball League is one such step in improving creativity and commercialization of the sport in the city,thus encouraging player exposure on a completely different platform and on a totally different level,which players haven't been accustomed to before.So,when the MPA announced the league for the first time this year for the u-13 age group,the players in the mini section were looking forward to it enthusiastically.The concept was such that the best players were to be distributed in different teams so that they could play with players from different schools/clubs and under the supervision of different coaches.Teams were sponsored by various corporate houses and other b…

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